Selena Gomez receives offers for frequent dates


Selena Gomez to move on neglecting the controversial face of comments. All though she will have always problems with dating issues. She exclusively expressed in shows with terse particular. She has admitted it’s been put in the deep doo-doo as everyone offers her for dating.

Howsoever, she expressed that everyone follows up my nose, is because I am yet young and everyone wants to be in relation with me. But how is possible to live in the fancy world of love with all.

She added” that I have stopped believing in the artificial love for others. All though she is comfortable with dating high-profile Celebs. As she hangs out with dignified celebs, but is not her priority to keep the slandered of relation as she is comfortable being single.

So far as Selena enjoys hanging out with jimmy is to occupy her moments and nothing else.

Selena Gomez has particular options in life not to go in any relation the day she got split. All though, Jimmy, many times invited her for dinner and she is enough comfortable. But some relation to seeking for sharing hard moments not to seek love in someone determine being in love.

She further added that it is understandable that I am a young lady and I reside almost in the heart of every Fan but it doesn’t mean to put every cutie in the option of life soul.

The last time she received a call from a chief and she said hi cutie this is a chief your dreamy man. “In the show, she brought up the story of a man” Selena Gomez in response laughed out and response sorry cute Man! I am cooking at the moment see you later, interestingly laugh out!

Eventually, she added, life is not all about love relation there is a lot more to commit. She said it’s enough me that I am socially engaged, reading my fan, feel relieved and satisfied me for a moment. That I am not alone there are a million fans that I reside in their hearts.  

All though she gets harassed for being accused of nonsense in the media. She further added someone shown me flipping off the middle, which was, of course, Just a fabricated scene of the moment to put bad wince on my modesty.

She further added I am a very modest person and I can not go for such clumsy action against others. I have to go on with the situation contributing it into the living songs rather than stuck hearing negative fowls.