A stern statement declared By (MNS) against Mahira khan not to contribute to any type of activities in India. All though the agreement was reached into effect by the INDIAN OTT Platform.

A spokesperson in the report said” that some of the prominent actors and actresses have signed up the contract with Zee theater. Mahira khan including sarmad khoosat, Yasra Rizvi, and other high-profile actors. Titled as “Yaar Julahay”.

However, in reaction Mahira khan exclusive in a report with provoking nature. ” That wincing of such stance ever been taken by Indian extremist and made us hesitant to work across the border but this time it is not done. We will put them sheer into the ignore list and would move on without any fear.

However, Such reactionary statements had been held earlier before which had put paid to carry their performance in India.

Those Zealot radicals were from the party of Western Indian Cine Employees.
Consequently, this time the situation is changed despite the ban they intend to move on and perform their committed consignment in India for Zee Theater


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