Selena Gomez fans take a dig on Hailey Baldwin for being with Justin Bieber.


It’s been three years since Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber Broke up but the Story is still lingering deeply as a hatred for Hailey Baldwin.

Almost every day Selena’s fans throw off bad comments over Hailey Baldwin and waiting for the Dawn which will emerge with the News of a Split between Justin and Hailey.

A sustained provocation has led the celebrities winced to show reaction over the provoking comments of Selena’s fans.

In fact, Selena Fans can not see Justin with Hailey and they want the ultimate split between this married couple. Justin landed on the battlefield showing his reaction to the bad comments surging around the last few months.

He Said, “One should not be judgemental about someone’s character without knowing the mystagogical facts”.

He further added, “that some relations simply do not feasibly run as a term binding soul as behind the scene there are many differences which are not adjustable for some reasons”.

All though we tried hard to settle the rising difference it simply failed to reform. So as in such a situation is the only way to split off and move on getting over the past.

He further added, Selena is one of the best ladies in the world but it doesn’t mean that our mental norms be contemporary to each other. Some internal conflicts can not be rectified unless and until given up on it.

Further, He Added, “Some relations break up unintentionally or may say with compulsion whereas one doesn’t see a way out except to give up it”.

Same in the case, Selena Gomez tried to put her remarks pacifying the situation with her positive words. She added, “those who love me will not pay any bad comments”. She said I have already overcome the flinching situation which I have gone through. All though it is very hard to die away one living memory from the heart after all we have to work on it is to relieve from mental pain, one has to move on for the sake of those who love you the most. She further added, “that I have valuable fans in my life who cling perpetual to my heart”. She added, “for Hailey Baldwin that I have no grudges with her. She bids her best of luck in the future”.

Same in the Case Hailey Baldwin in straight reaction Added” positive comments that why we should wound someone feelings or rub the salt into someone’s wound for paying negative comments. Relations happen always by the virtue of understanding.

The relation is a matter of compromise on so many differences. True relation always seek positivity in a person and simply I have no time even think of such things. I do not want to indispose my mental health. I ever ignore the things which escalate the situation.

Eventually, It’s been three years that Selena and Justin are no more in terms of relation but the fans still want them to get back into relation as they love them for being One forever.