Binance takes new initiatives introducing Horizen “ZEN-USD”


Binance; “US” is going to Enlist New Currency on the Name of “ZEN” ZEN-USD is introduced as a trading Mark. Which will set to launch on Thursday, December 17 about 6 am.

A “ZEN” 50X Raised token introduces in the Market. This is to compete with other big coins such as ETU, BNB, SHIB, URL, to take over newly introduced Tokens.
“ZEN” USD to deposit into your Wallets determined to go live. The more you deposit the more one earns for future best lucrative predictability.

However, during the deposit session the withdrawal to suspended temporarily. Every process needs to be categorically executed so that to avoid panic in case of congestion. As withdrawal will be disabled until it goes Live.

Additionally, How to deposit and Trade in USD for “ZEN” You need to pass by the categorical process to make valid your verification. Hence, you complete successfully verification basic and advanced both to make you enable Depositing “USD” before other essentials.

After entering into a proper method of account selection. You need to deposit through the given options USD Methods; Via wire Payment, ACH, OR Debit Card.
As a 1st time, Binance introduced FDIC insurance coverage so that to protect your deposits scheme.

Binance in order to full fill your dire in the future has a mission to linger on as a loyal partner restructuring your dreams true. Horizen ZEN Token is a highly targetted token to be proven a sustainable constructive resource. Please see You on the Platform of ZEN trading for Binance