How to be a professional content writer


To be very clear improve your basic English 1st. Secondly do not be a paraphrase writer but be a poetic writer precise and tense. How is possible to write your brain instead of doing paraphrasing?

Informal Example: The way a lover finds the best collection of words to express his beloved and it shapes poetry the same English content Writing needs the best collection of Vocabulary, idiomatic structures, phrases, and a little bit of Grammar to beautify the ranking of blogs.

The best writers in the world we see did not fall down successful from the sky but they fall in love being the best writers and they started to struggle to collect the best materials.

They begin to store the beautiful words and start patching them together for writing a beautiful Saga of their 1st love that happened in life and lost it.

When they fall in love they learned the beautiful expressions for love and when they lost love, they automatically started to find the beautiful expressions of being “lovelorn”, and thus they started storing up the beautiful words of anxiety.

Eventually, a perfect collection made of beautiful Vocabulary. Now He or she is ready to write The Best on Fiction and Non-fiction stories.” Why? Because every word is designed in his super feelings. Thus their emotions shape together while expressing which becomes super poetry. Your writing and speaking expose from the same area of emotions.

Through this you can be a great content writer and a good speaker as for as a basic learner I would share some of the important points. Here we go!

Learning How To Speak In English Is Very Much Important for Survival and communication Around The World.

Here are some important tips or suggestions for Professional Content Writing.

How to Become a Professional Content Writer

Tip No 1

Always Watch the Videos with English Subtitles. Focus on the pronunciations and repeat at least 5 times a day.

Tip no 2

Do not learn the words from books but learn them from English News Casters. You must watch them with full focus and hold the News Where you feel problems in understanding.

Tip no 2

Every day You must share the English News along with the special vocabulary which you learned from English News with your family, friends, or teachers.

Tip no 3

Store important Vocabulary in your brain and use it with yourself any moment at least 10 times a day.

Tip No 4

Be a teacher and teach English to your students in an empty room. Repeat the words which you learned from English News.

Tip No 5

Make a story in your Brain and express it in your words. Even if it is hard still you must try. For Example Yesterday I Listen to BBC words News. It helps me to improve my vocabulary and difficult expressions. I wish to speak as fluent as a smart English News Man.

Tip No 6

Every day when you visit different areas. Move your head around keep on watching different sight scenes and change it into English.

Tips no 7

Learn different humans expressions. How?

Take a notebook. Write a word (ANGRY): Search the Vocabulary for “Angry” for example Angry Man, Angry woman. Moody Man, Moody Woman. If he or she is very Angry. Say, furious Man and a Furious woman. This shows the range of your advanced Vocabulary.