iTourTranslator can translate video calls and voice calls automatically


Things are getting more easier and convenient with new innovations and improvements. In the case of Translation, there are several translation apps, in which Google Translate is the most famous and easy to use. It is delivering its services for the last 15 years. And still pushing new updates and releases new features.


However, iTourTranslator a new translation app that supports real-time translation. With this, it is possible to translate while you were on a call with someone who doesn’t understand your language.

The app provides several new functions and features like video call translation, voice call translation, conference translation, and many more. This can even translate over 119 languages.

Users can place calls and it will automatically translate the conversation being made. For the receiver it’s not necessary to download the app, just made a call and he or she will answer it without accessing the app.

iTourTranslator seems more unique and innovative as if the caller speaks English and the receiver is Chinese, so he or she will hear the conversation in Chinese. Similarly, if the caller speaks Chinese so the receiver will hear it in English.

Furthermore, users can also make video calls and can translate in real-time as well. For making video calls with your friends and family, simply send a link to your friends and family member on WhatsApp or other social media platforms. Once the receiver clicks on that link, it will automatically redirect to iTourTranslator Video call.

Moreover, the app features conference translation, while having a meeting or conference the language will be translated in real-time. The language would be translated into multilingual subtitles. In this pandemic situation, the whole world depends on online work using Zoom and other apps. Users can also consider iTourTranslator in case if they want to translate the meeting speech in real-time.

The app also has a lens feature, which can translate pictures to your native language. The app is supported both on Android and iOS.

Source: Digital Journal