Robert Downey Jr new project ‘Sweet Tooth’ is coming to your Netflix screens


Robert Downey Jr, an American actor, and producer who is famous and acknowledged as the “Iron Man” is now working on another amazing Comic project “Sweet Tooth”.

Netflix shares the official trailer of that project. It will be streamlined on Netflix soon.

Sweet Tooth

The production and direction crew is amazing. Alongside the Downeys, Jim Mickle and Beth Schwartz are accomplishing the series project in a highly appreciatable way. They both appear as executive producers whereas, Mickle is directing the project as well.

The story behind the project revolves around the “mystery of Gus thoughts”

It is all about a young baby who has been born half deer and half-human.

The main concept revolves around this. The boy thought himself havoc. He gets out of his wood world just to find himself rightly and to know about the answers to his mind’s questions.

The whole of the exploring journey is beautifully be described in this 8 part of series. Talking about Robert Downey Jr, he is the shining aspect of the story.

The friend of a young boy and young boy himself left everything, for the sake of finding the right reason for their such existence.

The ‘Sweet Tooth’ holds a strong message, the production team and characters themselves wanted to set the example of specificness. The sense of humor and friendliness that they adopt in the series will surely convey the message of “hybrid acceptance” in society.

Apart from Robert Downey, various other stars have been cast for an amazing experience. After watching official trailer releases, the audience is looking forward to Will forte, Adeel Akthar, and Christopher Convery.

The narration lineup is holding by James Brolin, who did justice to the task authorized by the administration. Hence audience is desperately waiting for the official release of ‘Sweet Tooth’.