In a new test, Google Lens appeared on the Pixel launcher next to Google Assistant. As spotted by 9to5Google, the older lens logo got its place respectively on the ‘G’ bar. This would take you directly to the Google Lens once you tap it.

The introduction of the Google lens logo on the right side of the Pixel launcher bar makes everything accessible by camera activity.

The launcher itself has used only the key features, and mere swipe away activity reaches the user’s desired information. It makes Google Assistant more comprehensive. It mainly concerns with personalization activity that raises the news card and all other information at a right time.

Google Lens
Image Source: 9to5Google

The new design will appear on the Pixel device running Android 12 Developer preview, however, it could arrive for other Pixel devices as well.

The integration of the technology is not so critical. It is mere deeper in Android 11 Screenshot UI. Furthermore, the Google Lens Translate option recently arrived on Android 11+ versions, which translates screenshot texts Automatically.

Lens enhancement for Google pixel launcher provides picture-related information in just a second based on neutral and natural networks.

The option mainly concerns with all the possible solutions of proper and keen integration activity. This is all about the enhancement of pixel launchers technically and structurally.

People tend to induce even more on it because of its approachable and easy functionality. They can reach the targeted topic.


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