Microsoft explained the lack of features in MacBook Air vs Surface Laptop 4


Microsoft recently revealed a new Surface Laptop 4 advertisement specially targeted Apple MacBook Air. Two young siblings cover the adv and explain everything within a short interval of time.

They have just discussed the missing features in the M1 MacBook Air. The first thing they have disclosed is the lack of touchscreen in the MacBook Air.

The Surface Laptop features a Touch screen, and that’s why the adv actor has disclosed. He mentioned that the Surface Laptop 4 is a Touchscreen. In response, his sister asked, Is the MacBook Air touchscreen?

Hmmm, response by her brother. “How could you not have a touchscreen”?

Furthermore, they also mentioned that the Surface Laptop is featuring a USB Type-A and Type-C, whilst the MacBook Air doesn’t have this advantage.

Additionally, Surface Laptop 4 has an advantage over MacBook Air, as the reviewers were playing games using Xbox controllers. This is how the Mircosoft ecosystem got the priority on the Apple MacBook Air.

Moreover, for most of the users, it wouldn’t be the best part having all these. Most of the users still prefer Apple MacBooks. However, this is the second time Microsoft mocked Apple, comparing such things Apple products didn’t have.