FAU-G an Indian online multiplayer game is finally receiving the most awaited TDM mode. The developers of the game have announced to launch of the TDM mode soon. The game was earlier launched for Android users, based on the incident in Galwan Valley.

However, in the beginning majority of the users were not happy with its visuals and gameplay. As it doesn’t contain any kind of assault weapons etc. Also, the TDM mode was missing. Later on, the developers announced to bring the TDM mode soon.

Today the nCore game posted on Twitter, to soon launch the TDM mode. It means the wait is almost over, as it will be announced within a week.

Recently the game was also launched for iOS platforms. FAU-G is now live on Apple App Store and is available for download on all Apple devices. It requires an iOS 10 or later, while the file size is almost 567.2 MB.

Apple users can download the game on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

From the poster and the trailer, it clearly mentioned that the players will have the advantage of using Assualt Rifles, Pistols, and other guns. However, we didn’t know how will be the TDM mode experience, but anyhow we could expect something like Pubg Mobile or COD Mobile TDM.

The date of the arrival is not yet confirmed, but it seems that they are going to launch it very soon.


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