Rogue Company will now run at 4K on PS5, coming to PlayStation 5 soon


Rogue Company the third-person shooter game is all set for the next generation Playstation console. The game is currently available on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X/S and Windows.

However, the developers have announced that it will be available on PS5 consoles as well. The game is scheduled to launch for the PlayStation 5 on March 30th.

With some of the major improvements, the officials tweeted on their Twitter account. Rogue Company will be launching with a 4K resolution, which will be able to run at 4k@ 60fps and 4K@ 120fps.

The official also answered some of the few relevant questions asked by the players. The game progress on your PS4 account will be carried to PS5. For the current PS4 players the PS5 upgrade will be completely free. Also, the game will be completely free for all of the new PS5 players.

So the wait is almost over, stay tuned for its launch on the Sony PlayStation 5 and enjoy the gameplay at 4K mode on your PS5.


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