Among Us “The Airship Map” is all set to launch on 31st March


Innersloth developers are working nearly on a vast and biggest project for Among Us. They are launching a new and highly innovative map project “The Airship Map”. The map will bump the activity of the Game to an endless level.

Among Us is already at the hump of success, thus, the addition of “The Airship Map” provides uncountable fame popularity to it. This is about to launch on the 31st of March and can get the preview idea of the map from the trailer.

Among Us New Map

The map is coming up with an un- forgettable and thrilling experience. The official Twitter announcement reveals the basic infra-structure of the map. New trends and targets have been introduced in the launching map. There will be specified separate rooms for every new starting.

Apart from all this, the account setting will be managed in a highly economical and comprehensive way. Not only this, the credible and new set of “preliminary accounts” helps a lot in the process of moderation. 

It is definite that moderation scenes are always time-consuming and quite tricky but the whole system is for this, is arranged in a highly precise way. Thus the things are managed in “The Airship Map”, that it supports the functionality even in a better way.

Apart from all this, some of the updates for the new Map will go Free for the account settings.

Ignoring the significance, Introducing a huge map in the game series is not an easy task. It requires a vast time period. Among Us is launched for the first time in 2018, after its incredible success, the developers decide to spend effort and time in making it more mesmerizing and enchanting, “The Airship Map” is one of the efforts that is being made for Among Us.

And it will also cross the border as same before as fans are desperately waiting for its arrival on 31st of March.


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