Game Audio Network Guild throws awarding consent every year, which nominates the most re-known game of the year from all over the market. The result of the 19th of G.A.NG awards put “The Last Of Us Part 2” and “Ghost Of Tsushima” at the top rank. 

This news is disclosed officially by “The Variety”. The things that ranked the game is not only its popularity or Jurries decision. Various other credible segments are taken in mind. It includes the graphic interface, target approaches, boundary lines for audio mixing, and proper presentation of concept along with soundtracks in front of the public.

Game Audio Network Guild Awards

The Last Of Us Part 2 and Ghost Of Tsushima got about 15-14 nominations that are a big reward not only for fanship but mainly for the concept creators or the developers of the game. Various other games also beat the ground on good terms.

The official event of G.A.N.G will be operated on April 28. The point to note is that it will be held virtually on Twitch. The main reason for all these virtual activities is the Pandemic crisis and it’s been the second year of Awards that there is no physical interaction for awarding reward to the nominators.

No matter the system goes virtual or physical, all the activities will be performed in its way. The proper entertainment activities will go around. The Video Game Orchestra and 88bit are going to be the point of attention due to their live-streaming performance.

The Last Of Us Part 2 and Ghost Of Tsushima, both are the example of an unbeatable platform that presents an everlasting experience in all aspects. G.A.N.G always prefers dedicated and anticipated works all over the field. No matter how much money a developer puts on the development of a game, the nominations would go for the concept and technical strategies.

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