The Crew 2: The Agency is officially available now


Ivory Tower and Ubisoft Reflections present an unbeatable racing game for the first in 2014. That got much popularity and fan-base in the gaming market. After which the developers launches the sequel “The Crew 2” in 2018. This sequel is released almost for all the trending platforms; Xbox, Stadia, and PlayStation as well.

The Crew 2: Season 2 Episode 1

The Crew 2 now came across with Season 2 that has additional types of equipment, character as well as the vehicle that supports the Racing activity. Beneficially, there appear 22 vehicles along with mesmerizing rewards in the In-Store. The gamers have to disclose it in the given time.

Meanwhile, Episode 1 of Season-2 named; The Agency launched today on March 17 and is officially available now.

The episode contains mind-refreshing driving tasks along with a superb collection of stunts. This usually holds specifications for professionals but at the same time, all the launching material of episode 1 neglects this professional boundary and let everyone enjoy it.

 The more attractive Vanity items along with living Summits experience are the main cause of people’s attraction.

The New Agency episode let the player reach a particular agency at a specific time utilizing that PvE game mode. while this activity the author has to pass a lot of stunt actions that will be the main source of adventure in the whole of the game.

It is one of the most simplified game that let its user explore every single segment of the game zone in detail. The only source of building scoreboard is making stunt activity more efficient. Out of all the stunts, slipstream and Formatting driving got more exceptional height and importance.

Apart from these various Shop editions including Motor pass are also available that will be able to enjoy after the official launch of the episode. Thus, soon a tremendous racing action will be enjoyable due to the Ubisoft and collaborated reflections.


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