Apple Airpods are one of the most significant and demanded segments of Apple’s devices. Its functionality makes the working more smooth because it allows the users to attend calls and enjoy music from their phone devices just by making a comprehensive connection with a few clicks.

After that, those connections help to facilitate more and more. From the beginning of 2021, there are several rumours that Apple is launching the third-generation of Airpods (Airpods 3) till March. The Airpods have quite an industrial design with an epic approach of features.

It is one of the Hot Topics for the leakers and critics these days. All of them are making estimations about its release or launch.

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, the development of it is in the final stages, but the developers are putting it on late.

Image Credit: Gizmochina

The main reason behind its late launching is that the company cannot fulfil the supply requirements of Airpods 3. As it will be the latest and up-to-date gadget that holds more mesmerizing features. So people will tend to be attracted towards it more.

Thus to meet the supply-demand it is being late in the launch. Apart from these concerns, it is not the thing that the importance of Airpod 2 will be neglected. The company will start putting the second-generation AirPods 2 at less price for the fans.

This news or predictions are made by many Critics or leakers. Every critic presents this news in its specific way or tone. Some consider it ironic and a lame excuse of the Apple developers or experts. Not only this, they put it trending on their official accounts. But the whole of the smog is removed by the Apple analysts Ming-Chi Kuo.


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