There has been diverse news around the market that Apple is going to release new gadgets like “iPad Pro”, “iPad mini” and other new and innovative tracking hardware. The release of these gadgets relies on the launching ceremony that was held on 16 March.

All these instructions are announced by the Twitter account of “LeaksApplePro” and “FrontTron”. But all these are rumours and nothing else. 

There will not any launching ceremony on 16 march regarding new gadgets of Apple developers. These all are misinformative tweets and there seems no reality all around this.

Both the sources are completely unofficial to this field or the developers. There seems no authentication and no reference to work with Apple company. The company is a worldwide developer of mobile gadgets. This thought to be an act for the destruction and affecting the reputation of this brand.

These pieces of information are officially denied by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. He tweets to release this situation of confusion for the fans and users he clearly states that the release of new gadgets is not on 16 march because there is no such event of launching held by the developers.

Furthermore, the release of innovative iPad Pro or“Air Tags” might release this spring but the wrong ideas should not be appreciated in any case. There need to take strict and clear steps against these unusual activities.

Thus the fuss-creating moment is unintentional for the launchers and as well as for the developers of gadgets and technologies.


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