WhatsApp shared status with users to clarify everything


WhatsApp is sending status to its users regarding the misconception being occurred. Recently the company has extended the date from February 8th to 15 May. As they mentioned, the user’s accounts will not be suspended on February 8th.

Now the Facebook Owned company, clarifies in the form of WhatsApp status including status notes. The status shows that,

  • WhatsApp is committed to your privacy.
  • WhatsApp can’t read or listen to your personal conversations as they are end to end encrypted.
  • WhatsApp can’t see your shared location.
  • WhatsApp doesn’t share your contacts with Facebook.

Due to the new privacy policy update, many WhatsApp user’s joined Telegram and Signal App. As they are the alternatives of WhatsApp.

Previously, the company cited that the idea on which we are working is very simple. We can’t share your data with Facebook. We don’t even share your contacts or location with Facebook etc. The chat between you and your family is private and we don’t see your private messages.

However, to agree on the new terms and conditions, the date has been extended. This is because the company will clarify everything regarding the wrong news been shared among WhatsApp users.


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