WhatsApp accounts will not be suspended on February 8, as reported


WhatsApp’s new privacy policy acceptance date has been forwarded to May 15. Recently the company has introduced new privacy terms and conditions, and the last date to accept those terms was February 8. Now the new date is revealed by the officials.

According to Whatsapp, there is a lot of misconception and confusion regarding our new privacy policy update which was initiated several days ago. Whatsapp cited that we are going to extend the time period for the new terms, as we will review the new terms at the own pace of WhatsApp users.

The next date is now 15th May, and the company will gradually go to people to review the policy before 15th May.

The company mentioned that WhatsApp was built on a simple idea, as everything that happens between you and your family or friends stays between you. We never share your data neither Facebook nor WhatsApp can see your private messages. Also, we can’t share neither can see your locations and can’t share your contacts.

As many people joined the alternatives such as Telegram and Signal. This is because of the new privacy policy. Folks think that the company is going to share their private messages, Contacts, and locations. Which is now the misconception has been cleared by the officials.

As the new update is all about WhatsApp business accounts. As it’s mentioned that in the future people will going to do business on WhatsApp. The user’s accounts will not be suspended on February 8 said by the company.

The time was extended because to clear the misinformation around users. As the terms will be reviewed before new business options are available.


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