PUBG Mobile is one of the top games in the mobile phone world. With its rising popularity, the popular battle royal title is making huge statements alongside Free Fire and Call of Duty Mobile. PUBG Mobile Kr version has an immense fanbase not only in Korea but all over the world. Some also say that the Korean version is better than the global one.

The game has been loved by millions of players all around the world. Due to huge popularity, Publishers have produced the game in many different versions in specific countries.

PUBG Mobile Korean (Kr) version features explained

In-game features are based on the country’s culture and suitability for their players. Japan and Korean audience can directly download the game from the play store. However, other countries need to install their APK Files.

Fun events and rewards

PUBG Mobile Korea has more exclusive rewards and events as compared to the global version. For instance, players get more new outfits, in-game features, and crates that have never been seen in the global version of the game.

Plus, new festivals and events happen more often, so more players can get their rewards.

Game currency

The in-game Currency of the Korean version is different from others. It is called Donkatsu Medals. Players get this currency in two ways, buying from an item shop or daily login gives it free by completing missions.

You can use this currency to open premium and classic crates for more exclusive rewards.

Graphics and In-game features

The global variant is different from the Kr version. People of Korea can buy crates from the store without spending any money. On the other, global version players are required to buy UC’s from stores if they want to open premium crates.

Moreover, the graphic quality is improved as they face fewer issues with graphics as compared to other versions of the game.


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