Call of Duty: Warzone leaked new Swimming feature may come in Battle Royale


According to the new Modern Warzone leaks, Call of Duty Warzone players will experience a new map location called Sanatorium. And players can use the swimming features and new water vehicles may come.

These in-game features were missing for a long time. Many players demanded to add water vehicles but the majority of the player never noticed it. The new location Sanatorium will feature a lake around a large building in Verdansk Map. At the moment all these are leaked rumors and developers haven’t said anything about it.

There is a huge possibility that players may see these features in the future. Previously, we have seen lakes and boats in the middle of the map from Call of Duty Black Ops 4 released by the Treyarch game developing company.

Right Now, Treyarch is working on Call of Duty Warzone which suggests that leaks are true. The swimming feature could change the popular battle royale themed game for good. No official statement has been made yet from Activision. It is highly unlikely that we hear something from them as they strictly follow a no-comment policy.

Although in Warzone we have already seen a huge dam, water remains frozen and players can easily walk on ice. So, it is exciting that new features are coming up. You can play Warzone on PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series X.


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