The rise in the popularity of Phasmophobia was diminished because of old content and issues reported by gamers online. Many gamers expressed their views on the lack of new content and unwanted bugs occurring in the game.

Kinetic Games has just released a new patch that brings small new features and changes to the game. Players will see many bugs are fixed and some new cool things are introduced. Out of all, Players can now able to make custom Candle arrangements and placing them like Ghostwriting Books as we have seen before.

Ghosts will now have the ability to track the player’s recent known locations. Unlike before where Ghosts were not allowed to follow players in the corners.

This new exciting feature will not only make the game difficult but also fun for players to notice Ghosts. Like this, many other new changes will improve the quality of the game.

Phasmophobia took the world by storm in October. Hundreds of content creators started playing the game on a well-known platform called Twitch. Horror-themed gameplay quickly won hearts and became one of the top games that came out in 2020.

This new patch brings small changes and a piece of motivation for the players to start playing it again.

At the moment, many Twitch players have started playing the game again. Judging from this, developers have done a decent job to introduce some valuable content for players to start loving the game – Just like they did before.


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