Why you don’t have a flat tummy and how to fix it

Flat tummy has several benefits and one of its most underrated benefits is that it reduces the risk of diseases like diabetes, cancer, heart-related ones and many more.

A lot of people will take the need for a flat tummy seriously if they were aware of the fact that it’s an avenue to stay away from the aforementioned ailments.

Some of the common benefits of a flat tummy include making us more slimmer, taller, more attractive in addition to the fact that clothes also fit better.

Flat Tummy Exercises:

Crunches (video by DoctorOz)– 

This type of flat tummy exercise helps us to define the abdominal muscles. Crunches are appropriate for toning both the oblique muscles and the rectus abdominis.

The procedure is as follows: Bend your knees while lying on the floor or on the mat. Raise your shoulders toward the ceiling with the help of your abdominal muscles and pause at the peak. Repeat this process for 10 to 15 times.

Roll-ups video by ehowhealth

Roll-ups increase the flexibility of the spine and also strengthen the abdominals in the process.

The procedure are as follows: Lie on your back with both arms and legs stretched. Lift your arms up and forward and thereafter roll-up to a sitting position slowly with the help of your abs. Slowly lower down to your starting position while squeezing your abs again. Repeat the process for 10 to 15 times.

Plank Hip Dips (Video by healthmagazine) –

This flat tummy exercise is appropriate for beginners who want to strengthen their abdominal muscles.

The procedure is as follows: Start from a push-up position with your forearm on the ground, also endeavour to keep your arms at the angle of 90 degrees. Push your back out slightly. Raise your gluteal muscles toward the ceiling while squeezing your abs tightly. You’re squeezing the abs to close the distance between the hips and the ribcage.

Mountain Climber – It’s a high-intensity exercise aimed at pushing the heart rate up. This flat tummy exercise can be incorporated into your usual daily routine for some cardio.

Procedure is as follows: Get your hands  and toes into a plank position then position those hands to be at shoulder length from each other. Pull the right knee into your chest as far as possible and also pull the left knee into chest. Note: Remember to keep your hips down while pulling your knee into your chest.

Navasana (Video by Ventuna Yoga)–

Navasana strengthens the legs, the abs and the lower back.

Procedure for Navasana is as follows: Sit in such a way that your feet are flat and your knees are bent on the floor. Lean back slightly and lift your feet off the floor simultaneously. Extend your arms out and keep your knees straight for between 30 secs to 1 min with your weight relying on your abdominal muscles.


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