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How bad has it been for United, even Ferguson laughed in disappointment!




Do you see are Alex Ferguson laughed at Manchester United when they conceded the second goal against Southampton last night?

What do you think could be responsible for the laughter, or what do you think that chuckle stands for?

Don’t think too much about the answer, it only means the Red Devils are nothing but a laughing stock at the moment.

During the Scots period as United manager, the Old Trafford outfits were known for their fear factor that makes all teams tremble whenever they come up against the team.

They were a dominating force in the League as no one dare to think of coming to Old Trafford without preparing well for a swift attacking display.

Many League trophies, FA Cup titles, League(Carabao) cup glories were won by the Red Devils during Ferguson’s tenure.

However, since his retirement, the team have been moving in a downward trend as they no longer command the respect of any team in the League.

David Moyes, whom Ferguson tagged “the chosen one” turned out to be the worst manager the Reds have ever had. This is as a result of many negative and unwanted records he set with the team.

After a disastrous season at the Theater of Dreams, the ex-Everton boss was shown the exit door.

His replacement Louis Van Gaal was no different from his predecessor as he equally created many unwanted records.

Though he led the team to an FA Cup glory, his tenure as United manager was as bad as David Moyes’.

The Special One takes over!

Jose Mourinho, the special one, takes over the helm of the affair at the red part of Manchester.

Things changed immediately for the team because an experienced, title-winning, wonderful and arrogant manager is in charge.

Two trophies in his first season at Old Trafford, that’s Mourinho for you.

However, things have surprisingly returned back to what they were during Moyes and Van Gaal’s regime, no thanks to the Portuguese arrogance.

United have turned to a team that Brighton and West Ham could defeat without stress.

Newly promoted Wolverhampton Wanderers, struggling Southampton and Crystal Palace were very sad because they drew against the ‘almighty’ Manchester United — that sums up how bad it has become for the Red Devils.

Though Alex Ferguson was seen laughing, he was really hurting to see how the club have failed to protect his legacy.

Mourinho is, no doubt, a good manager who can lead the team to greater success, however, his ruggedness and unprofessional attributes towards his players are preventing the team from developing and improving.

The board members might need to let him go elsewhere after this season and hire a tested-and-trusted, well-mannered manager in the upcoming season.

I am a student of journalism, a part-time blog admin, football writer and analyst