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Pundit: this star player will make Chelsea lose points this season. Not Morata and Giroud

Bright Okafor



When it appears that Maurizio Sarri is doing almost everything right, Eden Hazard is breaking ankles with dribbles, Jorginho is distributing sublimes passes, and Alonso is marauding the left flank with plausible pace.

But one figure that is questionable about the 59-year-old manager’s tactics is how he set his players in their specific positions.

For the first time in N’Golo Kante’s career, he was converted to a position he may not appear to be comfortable with even if he doesn’t admit it.

The World Cup winner won the Premier league back-to-back, starting from Leicester City when he paired with Danny Drinkwater to Chelsea when he paired with both Matic and Fabregas.

He settled in a similar position with Paul Pogba in Russia and successfully won the World Cup with his teammates for France after 20years.

What makes the diminutive player the best is not just his tackles but how he protects the back-line.

Of course Sarri may never want to bench Kante, however, there could be consideration about playing him upfront which many fans would regard as awkward.

According to Skysport Pundit Paul Merson:

“He’s not going to get you five goals in a whole season and he’s probably not going to get five assists, it’s a bit of a waste of a position really.”

He thinks Kante could be more prolific when he plays right next to Jorginho, protecting the back-line, covering for errors and helping others as he used to.

Will Kante’s position make Chelsea vulnerable?

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