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Chelsea star remains poise to lift the trophy despite Sarri’s lethargy

Bright Okafor




The host would get “a point gained” while Chelsea would be more disappointed despite escaping a defeat that saw them as second best on the pitch last Sunday.

Club manager Maurizio Sarri’s habit of consistently giving intumescent players edge to start ahead of others could be the aftermath of their chagrin performances last Sunday.

Chelsea’s interim captain, Cesar Azpilicueta was conservative in his words after he answered a few question about their display.

His unperturbed gesture shows he could be reliant in leading the lads to a successful campaign throughout this season.

According to Cesar:

“We are the team that have won more titles in recent years in England. It is true that in the last four years, we haven’t done it well in the season after winning [the Premier League] title.”

Chelsea were not at their best in the London derby which could question the 59-year-old manager’s services after the lukewarm show of performances by the players.

However, the Blues would show more concern about the next game when they face a tougher test in the Carabao cup against Liverpool who are burning hot on the pitch.

Perhaps, playing a goalless draw last week could boost their chances of not allowing such mayhem to repeat itself.

Okafor Bright is a B.Eng holder of Petroleum Engineering who is passionate about sports, articles and content development.