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Why Liverpool fans are not happy with Salah

Bright Okafor



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In the match where Liverpool was already thoughtful of settling for a draw until that magical moment when Roberto Firmino proved he’s the main No. 9 on the pitch.

There were many players who deserved some accolades in yesterday’s nocturnal hour, which is more reason why it will be grim to give a particular player the ‘man of the match’.

The faces of the players who we thought would make their marks were overhauled by the impressive backline of Jurgen Klopp’s men.

Andy Roberson and Trent Alexander-Arnold were out of this world while Joe Gomez proved why he’s the next Rio Ferdinand and a better top-class pair with Virgil van Dijk.

James Milner yet again bossed the midfield and Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson proved critics wrong with his feast throughout the midfield.

Liverpool dominated and possessed a team who are conventionally known as a high pressing champion in their local leagues.

What now remains for the reds is the influence of their best player last season, the Egyptian prestidigitator, Mo Salah.

Salah already had a bright start to the season but the pressure on him was patent in the fixture against Paris Saint-Germain yesterday.

There seems to be a little bit of drop in his pace and the player is not showing any sign of improvement.

Salah gave away the goal that brought the game back level with an untimely pass to Julian Draxler; the mistake which he already made 5 minutes earlier before the goal. Few fans even thought Klopp was late with his removal.

Leaving a positive note that the Egyptian already has 2 goals to his name, so imagine how the Reds will be when Mo Salah discovers his excellent touch again.

However, Liverpool fans have a little thing to say.

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