The Reds take on Paris Saint-Germain tonight in the opening game of the champions league; everyone is expecting a match to be relished with entertainment, tagged with high tempo, cascading movements from box-to-box, breaking of ankles with skills and shaking refractory defensive walls.

No room for error they would conceive but the trios in the opposite ends could help raze any infallible defense.

Observing from pair-to-pair, Mbappé runs like a lion on the pitch while Salah lurks around with his pace.

Neymar could be recondite while with the ball but everyone can easily predict perfectly that he isn’t studious to get back a lose ball, this could help Mane shine bright but get exhausted as he runs behind the ball to support Robertson.

Plaudits have made it known to the world that the Reds would produce another shortlisted name in Europe which could be Virgil van Dijk due to his resolute mindset.

He was close to being phenomenal when he faced Mbappe on-the-run during the international friendly between France and Netherlands.

But all eyes would be on the £28 million Joe Gomez as he prepares on a dank field against world-class players-precisely Neymar.

In Liverpool’s perspective, the fans may dread the one-on-one situation between Neymar and Gomez which also includes keeping offside-traps away from Edison Cavani’s runs as he faces a stern test since his return from injury.

He was very obdurate against Harry Kane last week but facing Neymar is quite different as Carragher added:


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