N’golo Kanté may not be worried that his name has not been usual in the front page of magazines: apart from being a world-class defensive midfielder, he is also a player who will not be a surprise world footballer in few years.

One other speciality about Kante is how his humbleness on and off the pitch.

While he was the crux for his teammates in the World Cup he was reluctant to lift the cup with excitements which made people fall in love with him with his shyness.

Kante wasn’t troubled with new position given to him by Sarri after he was switched from a defensive to an offensive midfielder; he played well and saw his team to earn their fifth victory in five.

The midfield maestro was not short of helping his teammates when without the ball and irrespective of the fact that he appears diminutive on the pitch he has shown his prowess as a player who helped covered the depth as he used to.

Kante’s indefatigable ability showed up once more in a 4:1 victory against Cardiff City when times without number he came from behind to steal the ball in Chelsea’s possession.

A Liverpool fan on Twitter @jahrul999 known as ‘J’ admitted that Kante was amazingly humble when he visited a local mosque to pray, it was at the mosque he invited the Chelsea star for dinner and Kanté obliged.

Kante stayed at length while playing FIFA and also watching ‘Match of the day’ at J’s house.
According to J’ on Twitter:


In the cause of the discussion with J, he asked Kante if he would love to join Liverpool but the 27-year-old answered with calmness saying

“I will think about it”

Kante’s humility speaks volume even though he won’t play under Klopp.


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