Jurgen Klopp is known to be a suave coach who is also meticulous with his words. The German international must have been aware of the suggestion given by former Manchester United right-back Garry Neville when he told him to put the Champions league competition to aside.

Let’s take a recap of his suggestion, According to Gary Neville, he gave a brief reason for his claims:

“Why? I think their method is exhausting for the front three [Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mané and Roberto Firmino]”

Apart from what Liverpool supporters think, Klopp already paid close attention to what he said.
In his reply:

“How would that work?….How do you prepare for a game when you don’t focus on it? I don’t understand. We play our kids or what? That would be funny.” Said Klopp

He insisted that Gary should explain further what he meant.

From a Liverpool point of view, I think Klopp is very right because what is the essence of qualifying to the Champions league?

If we take a holistic view at Liverpool team presently you will discover that every player in the first team has a potential replacement so I think there will be no room for getting exhausted.

Considering the trios he mentioned, Salah can be replaced by Xherdan Shaqiri, Firmino for Daniel Sturridge and Mané for Origi.

Klopp brought in these players to the team because they took the risk of consistently using the trios last season.

I guess Neville did not put Champions league at bay when he was under Sir Alex Ferguson.

What do you think about Neville’s claims?

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