Atletico Madrid player and World Cup winner Antoine Griezmann expressed his feelings for not been named among the FIFA contenders after he was bypassed by Modric, Ronaldo and Salah.

Modric finished first with 313 points ahead of Juventus’ Cristiano Ronaldo with 223 points while Liverpool’s Salah finished third with 134 points. Griezmann was surprised that he was voted with 74 points in the fourth position but was more concerned of his National teammates who were absent.

The Best’ bothers me,” he said. “It is FIFA’s prize and that no French player is nominated is weird.” Said Griezmann

Griezmann and his French teammates were phenomenal at the World Cup after finishing with the slightest error leading to goal ahead of others which saw them win the trophy since 1998.

So many fans were ecstatic about how the talented young squad could start challenging both Messi and Ronaldo but to their greatest surprise, they were nowhere to be found.

But the Atletico Madrid man was optimistic about the decision as one which would improve him further and make him relevant in the future.

“It makes me more excited [than The Best].It has more prestige, an incredible story behind it. It gives me more stars in the eyes. We’ll see what happens.”

Even though he won the Europa cup match, and World Cup he still believes it’s a stepping stone to becoming the best in the world as he shipped his penchant for the Ballon d’Or award.

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