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(Video) Tottenham vs Monaco; How Fabinho bossed the midfield

Bright Okafor



It is agreed that Fabinho is a defensive minded player and he would love to have a change of heart under his new manager but a keynote should be taken that Fabinho would be of advantage if he could rather imitate what he did while he was in Monaco.

Fabinho got attracted by so many clubs before joining Liverpool so should there be any reason to change such a defender that can also play right back as he did with his national team?

Fabinho was really impressive when he played against Spurs in the Champions League; the way the Brazilian bossed the midfield was out of this world, he found himself in positions that helped slow down the tempo of the game which could be necessarily reconsidered by Jurgen Klopp this weekend.

Klopp will meet Spurs during the weekend and many fans just want to see all the new signings in the game which means Henderson or James Milner might have to start from the bench but it seems the German may still want to use Henderson as his love for his captain could place the Brazilian defender yet on the bench.

However, if Klopp could use Fabinho, we may see the fight in the midfield as even more disturbed than entertained.

Last time out at Wembley Stadium, it was a difficult one for Liverpool after losing to Pochettino’s side while Henderson was nowhere to be found.

Klopp should rather test Fabinho as we think he would want to do more than expected against the team he already bossed in his previous encounter while in Monaco.

Below is a short clip of the Brazilian player against Tottenham in the Champions League.

Okafor Bright is a B.Eng holder of Petroleum Engineering who is passionate about sports, articles and content development.