Tottenham did Manchester City’s trick of pulling out of the international break when Dele Alli claimed he had injury which was reported to be minor.

According to The Three Lions manager before the match:

“Alli has just had a minor strain and should be fine for his club at the weekend I would think, but Tuesday’s game will come too quickly,” Southgate said.”

City side already lost Kelvin De Bruyne who was the pivot man in Pep Guardiola’s first XI last season. To avoid more injury worries, Raheem Sterling took excuse and was exempted from the national team.

Mauricio Pochettino’s side already have some issue to deal with, but they will be happy to see a backup player like Lucas Maura who is in great form this season.

Perhaps, this would be regarded as a tactical means of changing Klopp’s plans on how to approach the game on Saturday

While England was planning to face Switzerland on Tuesday, captain Harry Kane was left out but only Eric Dier and Danny Rose was used; the boss will be thankful to see the reduced risk of using all his teams.

It will be fair to say that Alli will surely play against Liverpool at Wembley Stadium.

Liverpool will, however, be worried to have both Adam Lallana and Dejan Lovren on the injury list but they’ve not been the main pivot of the team.

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