About a few years ago when Brazil had special talents that could dribble to break the feet of many players; with a countless number of leg-overs and unseen skills, Robinho was among the league of players who were the Brazilian elites that played with Real Madrid.

When it was time for him to leave Santiago, Chelsea came under the influence of then manager Filipe Scolari as the Blues were more optimistic to sign the forward until another contender came in.

Thanks to the newly rejuvenated Man City side by the oil-rich owners who later scooped Robinho.

A lot of boos and cacophony were heard on the pitch in his debut against the original club that first came for his signature.

Fans were upset that Robinho left purposely in pursuit for money but the truth unfolded in an interview in what would be regarded as the late period.

According to Robinho when  asked :

“I wanted to go to Chelsea, Scolari told me that I could make the difference for him in the team.”

“However, Real Madrid ended up badly with them, they didn’t like the way Chelsea sold shirts with my name on them before the deal was done.”

It appears that it wasn’t his making after all but it was the Blues who were too to quick in excitement that changed the plans.

Madrid thought of keeping their pride to reject the offer afterwards.

They were also concerned about the damage he could do if by chance they Madrid meets Chelsea in the Champions league of which by then, Man City was not in the Champions League.

Robinho did not really enjoy his stay at the Etihad after spending one year and six months with the club; perhaps Chelsea would have been a better option.

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