Chelsea and Germany player Antonio Rudiger made his mark as one of Europe’s finest defender. When asked about the player that stands in line with Lionel Messi. He pointed out his teammate Eden Hazard ahead of Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Belgian winger has been so brilliant and entertaining to watch on the pitch and his movement with the ball is magical.

Hazard Captained his teammates to the World Cup where they finished third as he was later made the potential replacement for Ronaldo’s departure to Juventus.

Albeit, Maurizio Sarri convinced him to stay but the Belgian is yet to renew his contract with the Blues but he has yet been impressive.

Sarri’s attacking and possessive football is consolidated when the Belgian is among the team.

His fellow teammate Rudiger feels comfortable to list Hazard below Messi but above Ronaldo who have scored more goals and won more awards than the Belgian captain.

Albeit, he was talking from another perspective which could perhaps be using his natural ability with Messi’s
According to the interview held with Daily Mail, the Chelsea defender drew the curtail:

“But for me, the best in the world is Messi, then Hazard.”

The league is still uncertain with the Blues sharing similar point and below Liverpool on just one goal difference: Hazard will be with his fellow teammates as they continue their winning form when they welcome Cardiff City in Stamford Bridge on Saturday.

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