Former Liverpool player hipped praises on Liverpool manager but ridiculed the Portuguese manager as one who lacks everything that Klopp has.

Manchester United were seen pumping money last season in other to catch up with arch-rivals Manchester City but they are far behind the City side.

Jose Mourinho claimed that uUnitedstill needs to sign more players to meet up to City’s level but it appears that only the charismatic Liverpool boss has is ahead.

Liverpool players have enjoyed playing under Klopp as a coach, friend and father and he made his players unite further on the pitch which is not so with the Red Devils.

Klopp as a manager showed how not to criticize his players and the way he talked about them never shook their head to digress their attention but instead made them even more focused to perform to their optimum level.

Lets see what Murphy thinks:

“Liverpool supporters love his (Klopp) honesty and his enthusiasm. He’s ingratiated himself into the club, he’s made himself part of it, which is exactly what Mourinho hasn’t done.”

Jose did not stop denting his players in several faults on the pitch which made them rather isolated, having eyes outside the club.

His flair and vigor that mans the sideline has changed. Murphy spoke in the comparison below.

“But one of the most worrying things about Mourinho is the body language and the lack of fight.”

Liverpool are currently topping the league table with 12 points while Manchester United have only managed 6 points in 4 matches.

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