Chelsea and Manchester City are tracking a potential move for a 15-year-old wonder kid, Harvey Elliott.

Elliot is currently playing with Fulham boys but is keen on moving to either Chelsea or Manchester City side.

Not only English clubs but other clubs in Europe like Borussia Dortmund and FC Barcelona have taken cognizance of the quality Elliot has possessed and they have shown interest as well.

Albeit it appears that Elliot may show more interest in playing under Pep Guardiola because City could be more considerate in developing youths.

Notwithstanding, Chelsea have also helped make players grow depending on their interest from a business point of view.

At first, they tend to buy players before loaning them to different clubs and then build them to their demands.

Example of such was seen with Thibaut Courtois who played for Atletico Madrid and returned to Chelsea afterwards, and the likes of Christensen who played for Borussia Monchengladbach before returning.

Well, one way other the other it backfired against the club in the name of Mo Salah and Kelvin De Bruyne in both Liverpool and Manchester City who were best in England last season.

Chelsea will not, however, give up on such a talented player who can eventually join the likes of Ethan Ampadu and Christensen to continue the trend of future talent in Stamford Bridge.

Which club best suits Elliot?

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