Ryan Giggs’ side were dominant over a win in the international Friendly competition as they won the Republic of Ireland in Cardiff.

A lot of fans in England were really glad but Chelsea fans would be even more overwhelmed by the display put up by a player who singled out himself, Ethan Ampadu.

The 17-year-old was the key player in the midfield and is presence showed why Sarri did not allow him to leave the club this season. We have seen a lot from N’golo Kante and Jorginho but Ampadu was nicknamed a perfect combination of the duo.

He left the field in 67minutes with a standing ovation: showing how happy they are to see a fresh talent that came into the limelight of football at the earliest possible age.

His presence on the pitch boast of plenty of experience that would have been seen as exceptional.
His followers on Twitter had to espouse the ‘player for the future’ in different ways.

The way he controlled the midfield and how he observed before requesting for the ball was Zidane-like in nature.

He always appears like he would make an error but produce perfect display afterwards. His movement and composure, long and short passes made him look like he’s been so long in the game.
Here is a twitter clip of the excellent performance produced by the former Exeter player.

Ampadu will definitely be in Sarri’s plan and it looks like it won’t take much time for the 59-year old to introduce him in the first team.


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