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Video: Top 10 solo goals on blues shirt: Hazard, Joe Cole, Robben: number 2 will crack your ribs.

Bright Okafor




Lets take a look at the top 10 Solo goals that first didn’t appear like it would be a goal scoring opportunity until it eventually did.

10 . Gudjohnson vs Newcastle.

Gudjohnson made a brilliant move from the left-wing: the midfielder drove through the Newcastle players to give Chelsea the lead. Did you see that?

9. Alvaro Morata vs Stoke City

Morata made a remarkable start to the season under Antonio Conte. He ticks the number 9 spot with this solo goal before getting injured. Perhaps, if he watches this, he might as well come back to flying form.

8. Arjen Robben  vs Newcastle

That was remarkably crazy, Ruben drove pass the defenders with ease. It was a fun fair period as the left-footed player did the magic to extend the lead. Given had no chance.

7. Joe Cole vs Man United

Who said he can get away with Ferdinand? Well, Joe Cole made a mess of him as he dribbled and squeezed away from United’s best defender before sealing the title for Mourinho’s side

6. Olivier Giroud vs Southampton

He doesn’t get plenty of goals but wow! Did you see how he put Conte’s men in front? That was a brilliant solo move. He had to finish that even when he was close to falling down.

5. Hazard vs Liverpool

You will always see the man who is definitely going to be the club’s best ever number 10. The Belgian did it with style against the reds. What a goal!

4. Zola vs Manchester United

I don’t know if the Italian was actually dancing here, but how he managed to make the defender sweep the floor was crazy. Uuuf! Sorry, Peter.

3. Ramirez vs Man City

You need to hear the sound of the commentators. The true Brazilian indeed. Sarri would have enjoyed having such player in his team; what a way to penetrate the defensive City wall.

2. Hazard vs Arsenal

Ahahah! Hazard made our day with this goal. A lot of pundits may not give him credit but imagine if it was done by Ronaldo you would probably give him the Ballon d Or’

1. Stuart vs Sheffield Wednesday

It has to be him. Should we rather call this horse riding? Wow! This solo goal came from his own half to the opponent’s . What a goal! It has to be number one.

Okafor Bright is a B.Eng holder of Petroleum Engineering who is passionate about sports, articles and content development.