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Mourinho Must Start Using This Player More Often For One Reason





Manchester United manager José Mourinho started Belgian midfielder Marouane Fellaini —for the first time, this season —against Cardiff on Sunday and the player did not disappoint throughout the encounter.

His performance didn’t only earns praises from pundits but also earned Mourinho’s appreciation.

According to the Portuguese manager, the former Everton star was awesome in the middle of the pitch as his height was able to prevent the Bluebirds’ striker from playing high balls.

With the manager’s satisfaction over the player’s performance, it is high time Mourinho begin to use the player as often as he can this season.

Marouane Fellaini

Fellaini receives £120,000 per week, has proven himself as one of the best defensive midfielders in the league and that’s one reason why he needs to be starting alongside Pogba / Matic or Pogba /Fred.

Why Liverpool must tie down this superstar to a new contract

With great covering that would be provided by the Belgian – just as we’ve seen against Burnley, Matic or Pogba will have the freedom to move to a more advanced position so as to create more chances for the strikers.

Apart from his defensive works, the player is also good in the air and that is surely an advantage to the team when it comes to dead balls.

However, it is left for Mourinho to decide who will be dropped from the starting lineup between Matic, Pogba and Fred.

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