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Chelsea legend will join Sporting Lisbon on one condition.

Bright Okafor



John Terry

Sporting Lisbon could hijack Chelsea’s legend only if a particular presidential candidate wins the upcoming election.

During the speech in Portugal, Pedro Madeira Rodrigues claimed that he would finalize the signature of former England and Chelsea captain John Terry if he beats the other contenders to the top job at Lisbon.

Terry left his former club in the championship, Aston Villa last summer when the club needed to cut-short wage bill.

But currently, the new owner of Aston Villa may influence manager Steve Bruce to bring back his captain to the club in a quest to save his team from their current woes.

However, Pedro is poised to bring in few more players to the club in a bid of influencing the mind of the voters as their first choice.

“I’m negotiating by the penny. They are foreigners. A left-back, a striker and a great champion – all players who have no contract.” He said.

He also claimed that if he had become the president earlier on he would have brought in two players who had not been on contract.

He hinted that the two players he would have brought to the club if he had won the election last week were foreigners which would rather be Yaya Toure and Marchisio but he lost them to Olympiacos and Zenith St Petersburg.

He also considered bringing in Claudio Ranieri after the French man lost his place in the French side (Nantes).

Rodrigues will join forces with Jose Maria Ricciardi for a joint reign as the vote will take place on Saturday to decide the future leadership of the club.

Notwithstanding, Terry might look to join Bruce in Aston Villa after motivating Tammy Abraham to do so.

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