Jack Goff holds off Sutton to win wet Race 1

The pole sitter stretched his lead to three seconds after five laps of the three-mike circuit as he took command from the beginning.

Ash Sutton, bounced from the fifth role down to the second place after he was immobilized.

Few seconds later Sutton drifted as he tracked down Goff and the both were in each other’s wheel-tracks on the final tour. However, Sutton squeezed out with move outside the fast Coram corner.y

In the twinkling of an eye, Goff cut back coming out of the final turn to win a dash to the line with microsecond gap.

Goff divulged that he had been suspicious over the latter stages of the occurrence.

“I had to push early to make as much of a break as possible. I thought the rear-wheel-drive cars would be coming for me, and I was disappointed when I saw what a great opening lap Ash had had”

He also claimed that he was pushing on but with five laps to go, his three went away and Ash was closing at about 0.8s a lap- he then wondered if he could held on.

At the point when Sutton caught Jack, he noted that he could see his weakness and knew where to push. He noticed that Jack had a slight wobble coming out of the hairpin on the final lap which gave him an edge to to run around Coram.

Even though there was a little bit of contact, he took advantage of his own engine power and become fourth.

The fifth, Tom Ingram who ran in his Speedworks Motorsport Toyota got cascaded as he was forced to pull off after three laps.

Colon Turkington held on to the top of the standing, despite getting a single point from the fifteenth spot. He was hindered by his 75kg of success ballast and followed Matt Neal over the line.

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