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President: “Disastrous anomaly” “We are not happy to be drawn with Liverpool, I will ask UEFA for an explanation”

Bright Okafor



De Laurentiis

The president of Napoli Aurelio De Laurentiis was interviewed on Radio Kiss Kiss, when he commented on a number of issues surrounding his club during the aftermath of an enormous defeat against Sampdoria last week.

After losing Sarri to Chelsea and his creative player, Jorginho, he was left with no choice to openly divulge his feelings that Sarri should leave his players.

Well, Aurelio also had few words to describe what it means to play against the second best club in Europe last season as he was shocked to have seen Liverpool drawn in the same group with his:

“We are bitter, I will ask for an explanation from UEFA. Liverpool, Champions League finalists, are put in pot 3? It is a disastrous anomaly.”

The Italian film producer also told the interviewers about how his club is acclimatizing under the new manager as he claimed that it will take time for both the manager and the players to understand each other.

Sarri had wanted to find his way to force Koulibaly to register with Chelsea but the 69-year-old tycoon blocked the transfer and suggested that his former employee should leave his players.

Sarri reacts to 56-year-old manager’s claim

Koulibaly who is among the powerhouse of the Naples will surely get his contract extension sooner or rather than later.

“Koulibaly? His extension was already in our plans, we did not want to sell him.” Said Aurelio.

Napoli are drawn with two clubs with an eye for the cup and it seems the president is not sure his club will exceed the group stage containing PSG and Liverpool.

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