Sarri admits- he is lucky to have these two players in his team. Not Hazard.

Chelsea’s new boss started the league campaign with an outstanding performance. As an attacking minded coach, he is joyous to have the qualities he desires.

When he left Napoli, he only opted for two players, Jorginho and Koulibaly.

Well, he showed little or no concern about bringing any other attacking player due to the options he had.
One player who could be singled out to have acclimatized speedily under Sarri is Pedro.

The 31-year-old attacker, who signed a new contract a month ago has shown his qualities again as he did under Conte.


Maurizio Sarri did not single out Pedro but considered himself lucky to have both Pedro and Willian as options, since both players can change the phase of the game when they come in as substitutes and as well, play together.

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According to Sarri:

“I am lucky because if a coach can choose either Pedro or Willian he is a lucky coach”

A lot of questions have been asked about his defense, even though the 59-year-old coach claims that he has noticed a lot of improvement.

Chelsea were fortunate to have escaped a flick by Ake against Bournemouth, which would have of cause changed the pressure at Stamford Bridge.

However, Sarri did not rule out the imperfection of his defense when he notably said:

“I think we need to be careful with the positioning of the players behind the line of the ball when we are in the offensive phase”

He also claimed that if drastic measures could be taken by improving position behind the lines of the ball, his team could have more continuity without counter-attacks of the opponents and perhaps could score earlier.

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