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Exclusive! Why you should give more credits to the players instead of Sarri

Bright Okafor



The Blues have started well this season, just to show how fast they can adapt to new managers. A quick one to remind some folks that not only did Chelsea lose a manager, but also the faith and commitment of the players were tentative.

To clear the air. Chelsea among few other clubs like Arsenal and West Ham changed managers during last summer but you can attest to their current position and how it appears that the team will need to learn to adapt to the new tactics.

Yes, there may be excuses rendered to the aforementioned clubs. Maybe Arsenal had stayed for too long under Arsene Wenger for more than two decades but he didn’t start with similar players, so acclimatizing to the new manager’s tactics isn’t much of an excuse.

West Ham however, bought new players and are yet to earn a single point.
Before we push forward to Chelsea, I would like to remind us that Pep Guardiola also struggled with City in his first year.

If credits are needed to be given, then we should consider the players first.

Now let’s go back to the Blues. Chelsea made more managerial changes than any other club since Roman Abramovich‘s arrival. Perhaps that could be the secret behind their success.

The worst that could ever happen eventually took place this season.
Even though similar thing occurred under Conte, I think its on a knife edge with Sarri. To name but a few : Courtois left for Madrid, Hazard is yet to renew his contract, Willian is still battling with Pedro, Morata is at war with is form, a change of a traditional defensive attitude to attacking mindset, no champions league to boost the players ranking and a captain has not been chosen.

Yet, how come this team always play well on the pitch?

Okafor Bright is a B.Eng holder of Petroleum Engineering who is passionate about sports, articles and content development.