Said And Done : “Specialist In Failure” – United All Agree On One Thing Before Kick-off


We reported here during the week that Manchester United fans have paid for a plane to fly a banner calling for Woodward’s resignation ahead of their game against Burnley.

Just as reported, the Red Devils faithfuls flew a banner at Turf Moor before their clash with Burnley.

The banner contains information which read ” Ed Woodward a specialist in failure’ and it was flown over the stadium.

Though Woodward has helped the Manchester club generate much income since he took over the club’s affair, he isn’t loved by the club’s supporters for not supporting Mourinho in his desire to get quality players in the summer transfer window.

The Portuguese manager told reporters that his employers failed to get him the list of players he wanted for this season and that has made the fans despise Woodward the more.

It should be recalled that Mourinho labelled Arsene Wenger ‘a specialist in failure’ two seasons ago after their clash at Old Trafford, so, United fans chose the phrase so as to show their support for Mourinho.

Meanwhile United won Burnley and Mourinho’s men would be glad they scored two-goal.

Romelu Lukaku, who was lifeless against Tottenham last week, scored two goals and he will be hoping to goal in the coming games.


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