How Jurgen Klopp reacts to star player’s blunder, he could be benched

Sadio Mane and Roberto Firminho scored to give Liverpool the much-needed victory in a 2:1 win against Liverpool

The Brazilian shot-stopper who signed for £67m, was caught out playing from the back and gifted a goal to Rachid Ghezzal in the second half in a game that was already looking like they would keep another clean sheet.

After the howler, Jurgen Klopp was seen trying to send a message to Allison what he would have done because it appeared that even if he had successfully cut the ball away from Kelechi he would have still pulled out because Virgil van Dirk was already closed by Ghezzal. After the match, Klopp reacted:

“I thought it would happen. I didn’t think it would happen during the next match. He knows it, we need to get used to it”.

The former Roma goalkeeper who escaped similar version against Brighton initially claimed that he understood Liverpool’s football, and playing such way was part of his style as a player. Well, perhaps he was so unfortunate this time.

Meanwhile, there was a little bit of fresh air as James Milner was pleased to edge past Leicester today despite Liverpool’s poor act.

Klopp also admitted that his team would have scored earlier in the game and he claimed that when the Reds play on dry pitches, they always find it hard to perform. He also admitted that the second half was more of a change in game plan when they dropped behind the ball but were just unlucky to have conceded.

A lot of questions will be asked about today’s performance because remaining on top requires the best quality and performance day in day out but how long will Liverpool remain on top?

Liverpool will surely face a more difficult task when they take on Tottenham after the international break.

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