Piers Morgan Wants These Players Out of Emirates Stadium In The Summer


There are high tension at the North London club as shareholders, fans, players and Coaches are not happy with themselves.Piers Morgan Wants

Fans are calling for Wenger’s resignation letter while shareholders are calling for the sales of some players, that just tells you how disorganized and unhappy the team really are at the moment.

One of the most shocking reactions to the Gunners lost to Brighton and Hove Albion came from Arsenal Shareholder Piers Morgan who suggested that he would sell out seven first-team players in the summer should he have his way.

According to Piers, seven players in Arsene Wenger’s squad have no job in the North London club and he believes they should be shown the exit door before the start of next season so as to create space for new players who are capable of bringing more diversity and strength to the club.

Xhaka, Mustafi, Kolasinac, Koscielny, Iwobi, Lacazette and Ramsey were all listed in Morgan’s list of players he wants to see out of the club as soon as possible. The controversial shareholder also criticised Germany international playmaker Mesut Ozil whose impact wasn’t felt during the match.

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According to Morgan via his verified Twitter account, Ozil was too lazy during the match. The German midfielder was at fault for losing possession of the ball too often and easily.

Morgan who is also a pundit advised Ozil to start playing as a player who receives £300k as weekly wages.


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