Deal Confirmed – Jose Mourinho Set To Get A New Job in summer


World Cup is surely the greatest football tournament in the world that all players would love to appear before they put an end to their respective careers. Deal Confirmed

Only a World Cup competition gives room for all continents in the world to represent their counties in order to compete for the glory. It also gives room for the convergence of World’s best players, managers, scouts and passionate supporters.

The interesting side of any world cup tournament isn’t just the players or coaches on the field of play but the crowd, banters and pundits who energise and motivates players.

Pundits play a huge part to make sure the fiesta is filled with excitements as they analyse, praise, criticize, predicts and tells a little bit of history.

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In just 101 days, Russia 2018 World Cup will take over every soccer-loving TV screen as they will stay glue not to miss any action during the tournament.

There is an atmosphere that the much-anticipated fiesta is around the corner as players are returning back to form, coaches, are finalizing their tactics while pundits and TV stations are getting ready for the quadrennial event.

Talking of pundits, one of the best managers in the world José Mourinho has reached an agreement with RT Sport Channel to act as their pundit during the summer World Cup.

According to the Mourinho, he is glad to sign a deal with the TV Channel and he can’t wait for the tournament to begin in other  to share his opinion and experience on the screen while analyzing games which are going to be played in the tournament.

RT have also confirmed the deal when they posted a  video which captures the Portuguese manager alongside Peter Schmeichel, former Manchester United goalkeeper.

Schmeichel is also set to partner Mourinho as the second pundit for the TV Channel during the tournament which will Kickstart in June this year.


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